Lashing, Securing & Packing

Lashing services plays the most essential role in securing the cargoes while transit and thus ICICONTROL has the most experienced and well-trained team of professionals to undertake all types of lashing and securing services for all varieties of cargo using the most advanced and versatile kind of equipment.

ICICONTROL will plan the lashing materials required based on the weight, size and shape of the cargo as well as the type of equipment. We also provide the loading plan and equipment’s required based on the packing list or onsite survey. We provide all type of lashing and securing services beside cargo which includes.

–  Packing and Crating

–  Cargo lashing services on Barge/ Vessels.

–  Cargo lashing services on all type of containers (F/R, OT, GP containers).

–  Car/ Bus lashing and securing.

–  Dunnaged/ Chocking Cargo in bulk, bags as Rice, Surgar..

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